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osticket documentation for upgrade


I wonder if there is any documentation specifying files change for each version



  • If you are looking for "how to upgrade osTicket" then you should try to google that.  There is plenty of good sites and articles out there.  I'm impartial to this one which is a little outdated but the specifics haven't really changed:

    If you mean literally 
    file 1: "foo" changed to "bar"
    added new file: /include/example.php
    Added contents (500 lines of code) to /include/example.php
    file 2: line 83 changed <td><?php echo Format::datetime($p->getInstallDate()); ?></td>
    to <td><?php echo $p->getInstallDate(); ?></td>
    file 3: more little changes
    file logo.png: new version.
    file print-icon.ico: new version
    file 5: /include/staff/ line 90 changed 4 to 5.

    Then No, well not really.  Github tracks all those changes though.  There are A LOT of them.

    If you mean something else, then I do not know what you are asking.
  • thanks for update yes I just mean the file changes documentation. will take a look at github tho
  • Depending on purpose on why you need the documentation, you would be better off doing diff on the files :)
  • @sperrow is 100% correct. I find that is the fastest way. But even if there are new files that is irrelevant...the exiting files could just as easily been modded to include more or less code....
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