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Customer Login Backdrop Change?

I can see in the admin portal where I can change the backdrop image. How do I change the customer portal backdrop image? This seems like it would be an easy update but if not then where would I introduce this in the code to make my own customization?



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  • This is version v1.10. on Ubuntu 16 x64.

    I'd like to duplicate the backdrop on the admin login for the customer login backdrop. Any suggestions?
  • The staff login has this:
    <div id="brickwall"></div>

    Which is in this css file:

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Company
    Click on the Backdrop tab
    Setting the image is done there.

    So you may be able to add the div code from the staff css to the user css file(s) and then insert the div.  Since its stored in the database.
  • Hello, I see this is from 2016, anyone know if this worked?
  • It worked in 2016.

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