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Reopen Ticket duration or limitation for users

How long user can reopen the closed tickets. have any due date for reopen the tickets.
please suggest. we have installed v1.10 


  • Users can either re-open or not re-open tickets.  There is no other limitations or "due dates" for it.
  • Thank for your reply.
    So closed (very old closed ticket no longer to reopen) tickets we can move the status to archived.
    for change to this status have any option in admin panel in this version.
  • edited December 2016
    From what i can see, there is no Archive location for tickets. It's just, Open, Resolved, or Closed. You could change Closed to Archive if you want :-D but that would be a modification, and that would have to be done under the Mods and Customization part of the forum. There may be some folks who can help change Closed to archive if you'd like. However, I would just keep it at closed and call that your "archive." @xdreamarun
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