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"Custom Queues"

This is mostly a question for ntozier, but I would love to hear what others think too...

In this thread,, ntozier mentioned in January 2015 that "There is a feature in the pipeline called Custom Queues"

It's been almost two years since then, so I was wondering if this really is still in the pipeline, or has this idea been scrapped? No signs of it in 1.10 either.


  • Word is that it might make an appearance in 1.11, but when that will be released is a mystery.

  • Very interesting. I hope a responsive layout will come with it too... as in, the ticket view will take the width of the screen to make use of more columns. =D
  • edited December 2016
    I think you mean this (there is progress):

  • Oh wow... didn't notice that. And going to the link for the ZIP download and then looking at the other branches suggests there are a lot of other things in the works too... damn.

    Only downside is the zip looks like it is a full installation, whereas I would need to put this over the top of an existing 1.10 copy... Gah!!!
  • This feature sounds truly amazing, i am scratching my head tho as how to install it, 
    i am using the current relase 1.10 of OSTicket, can anyone give me a few quick tips on how to install the 'Custom Queues'

    I have downloaded the zip from github, do i just upload the entire folder structure via FTP and overwrite all files then goto the setup page?

    thanks in advance!
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