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Best practice for delaying tickets

Case: There are some tickets opened by customers, which are not supposed to be handled immediately. Let's say: Today is a ticket created, but the ticket should be answered at the earliest in 7 days. I know I have task an a 'Due Date' to remind me after 7 days. But the ticket is still open and in the open ticket list. I do not want it in the open ticket list. Should I set a due date and close the ticket?

Q: What is the best practice for delaying tickets?


  • FYI: I just noticed, that I can not close/resolved a ticket with an active task
    This ticket has 1 open tasks and cannot be closed
  • For my job, we set a custom status of "Scheduled" for these situations.  The ticket is still open but we can use different searches to exclude those statuses.
  • Thanks for that idea. I have tried it, but it does not fit to our workflow.

    Is there a simple way setting a ticket to 'answered' status? Or any other idea how to delay tickets?

  • I have done some reading and testing in order to get this working for us. But with no luck.

    Maybe anyone can guide me to create a link for marking a ticket as 'answered'. For example, if I want to close ticket 123456, I can go to ticket details an select 'closed' from the 'Change Status' drop down. If I examine the link, I see


    is it possible to create something like


  • edited March 2017
    I have had 2 main complaints since day 1.

    1) How do I remove agents from departments, so that my agents don't see those department tickets in "Open" for them, but can still go find / access one of those other department tickets if needed?

    2) How do I delay / pend a ticket? Removing it from the "Open" bucket until a later date? Then at the later date the ticket goes back to Open on its own.

    So what we have been doing is created a custom status called "Pending". Changing tickets to "Pending", setting the due date in the future.

    Problem is my guys have been advance searching for "Open" tickets in their department all day. Then they have to search for "Pending" and "Overdue" tickets to find tickets that needed to be done now. They have to bounce back and forth all day. You can also designate someone to go search for those pending tickets everyday and change them to "Open".

    Well now with the new search features I think I'm just going to train my guys to do their advance search for any tickets "Open" assigned to their department with a due date of current day or older.

    That's 1 search they can do all day long and it filters out anything with a due date in the future and other departments.

    It's a crazy workaround, but it's the best we could come up with.
  • @JordanAustin this thread from November 2016.
    And appears to have very little with your reply.  Please start your own thread.
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