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[resolved] OSTicket v1.10-stable Time issue

Hi everyone,

Reading the other posts, I've managed (I think) to triple check all my timezone settings. But there is quite the time difference between osticket and the current time. Here are some screenshots of settings. Not sure if it matters, but AST is interpreted as Asia/Riyadh which is wrong. Should be Atlantic Standard Time.



This photos shows tickets open early early morning which is not accurate.


So in MySQL, the ticket that shows it opened at 5:09am in OSTicket was actually 12:09pm in MySQL which is accurate. It should be 12:09pm.


Any ideas?


  • Seems to be some confusion between Arabian Standard Time and Atlantic Standard Time, both using the AST abbreviation.

    Can you switch to another time zone that is also UTC -4 as a work around for this? Not ideal but at least it would make your times correct.

  • edited January 2017
    I've run into this issue when using Indian Standard Time IST. PHP interprets it as Israel Standard Time.
    Equivalent +5.30 tz is Sri Lankan Standard Time SLST which is not detected by PHP. So I had to use a dirty modification to include/class.timezone.php

    174             return 'Europe/London';
    175         }
    176         // Override IST to India Time.
    177         if ($TZ === 'IST') {
    178             return 'Asia/Kolkata';
    179         }
    180         // Forbid timezone abbreviations like 'CDT'
    181         elseif ($TZ !== 'UTC' && strpos($TZ, '/') === false) {
    182             // Attempt to lookup based on the abbreviation

    Leaving this here just in case this is not fixed and someone runs into this issue and could not find a similar timezone to switch to. 
  • Thanks dbinoj! I inserted that code and it fixed all the time issues.
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