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Cron Job on Synology issues

I've been working on an issue with getting cronjob to fetch email via imap/pop
the diskstation shows the cronjob has ran but doesn't download email. It gives this info.
i've googled a fair bit on this but as my linux knowledge is sketchy i may not be asking the correct question.

Task Scheduler has completed a scheduled task.


Task: osticket pop2

Start time: Thu, 05 Jan 2017 08:40:02 GMT Stop time: Thu,
05 Jan 2017 08:40:03 GMT Current status: 0 Standard output/error:

the cronjob is set with these paths

/usr/local/bin/php56 /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php

and to run every 5 minues.

i've used cronjob editor and the scheduled tasks both not working.

ideas would be appreciated .

set up.
synology: DS213j (which i'm not sure is great for this) DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7
ost version: V1.9-rc
php: 5.6.28
mysql :5.5.53 
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