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Do not require email address

I have been sucessfully running an install of osTicket 1.9.14 for a little while now and it's been great. However, my users are complaining of the complexity to log in (their words, not mine), and I am looking for a solution to this.
I have the ability to run a local install of osTicket on our server, which in that case I would not require authentication at all. Since my users aren't utilizing their email notifications to begin with, I wondering if it is able to mark the field for email address (upon ticket submission) as not required.

I understand this may be an odd solution, but it's the direction I am being asked to go down. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    AD/LDAP server?
    running the HTTP Pass through plugin?
    Server architecture?
    Using user accounts (so use username instead?)
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    My apologies, and thank you for the reply. 

    1& 2) Currently, we are not using AD. However, it is an option we're considering once we move onto our own server as opposed to being hosted online. HTTP Passthrough is also currently not used.
    3) Our server is running Windows Server 2012R2. It has IIS roles, but we haven't yet installed PHP or SQL, but would be doing so per the requirements of osT.
    4) If we were to go down the road of using AD, then usernames could be an option, but not preferred.

    With all of that said- Our users are complaining of having too many services to log in to; too many usernames/passwords to remember.
    I am of the thought for them to deal with it, we're not asking that much. Unfortunately I do not have a say in that regard.
    However, if hosted locally, I am not concerned about authentication. I could allow users to submit a ticket without registration. I am being asked to disable the requirement of providing an email address, and am curious if I am able to disable that. Our users are already ignoring the email notifications, so the loss of the notification altogether would not be a loss to our users.
  • It's my understanding that you can disable the email address (field) requirement in the new 1.10 version.  Then I imagine it would just be a matter of using guest access instead of accounts and not requiring sign in to open a ticket.  I've never played with this but I've been told that it works.
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    hi @ntozier how to disable email address requirement in 1.10? 
  • @blhf23 In the future please open your own thread if you have a question.

    Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information -> Email Address -> Config -> settings -> uncheck Enabled.

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