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OS ticket not fetching emails from gmail inbox

Using Version osTicket (v1.9.14). So I am having this issue with OS Ticket.

I have 2 emails addresses,

  • (Inbox messages - around 3k)

  • (Inbox messages - around 90k)

I have currently configured in my os ticket configuration. But it cannot seem to fetch any emails from the inbox.

Whereas if I configure, it fetches all the emails from the inbox and converts them into tickets in OS Ticket immediately.

I am not sure what could be wrong here. These are what I have checked/tried.

  • I have checked the POP3 Settings.

  • I have enabled 'allow less secured apps' on both the accounts.

  • Enabled pop3/imap on both accounts.

Could it be because of the large inbox size? I guess not, but keeping my options open.

If you guys could help me with this, I would really appreciate it.
If you think if I am missing any information, please let me know, I will edit the question.



  • Are your logs showing any errors that might indicate whether its a connection problem or authentication problem or any thing at all?
  • edited January 2017
    These are the following 2 errors that are repeated every now and then.

  • I would play apples to apples.  Make sure that the two configurations are nigh identical. (numbers fetched, etc)

     I would also see if deleting the first email in the mail box (or moving it to a sub folder) helps.
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