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Ticket Auto-Assignment to Agent within Team

Hey Everyone, 

So first time using osTicket, installed 1.10 and so far I like it. One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to set up the system to auto-assign a ticket to a specific agent within a team. We're trying to move off our current ticketing system that has this ability and it's critical for our workflow. The system we are using now has round-robin functionality. So if a team had three agents A,B, and C, when a ticket is created it would auto-assign to agent A, then the next ticket would auto-assign to agent B and so on. In osTicket it seems like it assigns the ticket to the entire team, which isn't what we're looking for. 

Has anyone done this or think it's possible with a mod? 




  • What you are describing is not a feature in osTicket.  I do recall that there was a mod posted by another user to do this here on the forums though,
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