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Custom ticket view


I'm in osTicket v1.10
I have create custom form and I want to custom ticket view.
I want to add a custom field from ost_form_entry_values.
I have my sql request :
SELECT ticket.ticket_id, ticket.number, SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING_INDEX(fentry_val.value, ':', -1),2),'"',1) as Client
FROM ost_ticket ticket 
LEFT JOIN ost_ticket__cdata cdata ON (cdata.ticket_id = ticket.ticket_id)
LEFT JOIN ost_form_entry fentry ON (fentry.object_id = cdata.ticket_id)
LEFT JOIN ost_form_entry_values fentry_val ON (fentry_val.entry_id = AND (fentry_val.field_id = 36 OR fentry_val.field_id = 39 OR fentry_val.field_id = 45)

LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_priority pri ON (pri.priority_id = cdata.priority)
WHERE fentry_val.value IS NOT NULL

I read a lor of topic ( - - from previous versions but I do not find any resemblance to the new version.
Can you help me ?

Sorry for my english.


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • It would probably be easiest to wait.. as you appear to be talking about the forth coming Custom Ticket Queues feature.

    Alternatively there are a couple different threads on the forums that talk about how to add fields to the ticket view.  You will have to find them and figure out how to do it.
  • edited January 2017

    osTicket : V1.10 (901e5ea)
    Web serveur : Apache
    MYSQL : 5.5.53
    PHP : 5.6.29-0+deb8u1

    note: edited this post to remove extraneous td/tr/br HTML tags in the body (ntozier)
  • Thanks for your comment, but I haven't find what I need.
    I want to add a column on the ticket page of the agent. Show the attachement.
    For the data in
    this column, I need to add a table in the FROM clause of the query.

    Since version 1.10
    of osticket, I can not find the file in which the request is located therefore
    depends on the page /include/staff/ Previously the close from
    was on this page but now there is no more.

    Can you help me to

    If you need more information do not hesitate to ask me questions.

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