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Avoid mails from internal to be distributed to customer


First, thank you for the Os Ticket team... your platform is awsome ! 

We have kind of small issue: 

Some time we have mails sent to both support mail address and to personnal email address.

The issue is, if a reply is made from personal mailbox to Only the Support mailbox thinking it would remain internal, that answer get distributed to the customer.

This is something we absolutely want to avoid. 

My Question is: 

Is there a way to define that any email from internal (mail from would always be taken as an internal note ? 

Meaning only answers done from OSticket could get out.

Thank you in advance for you answer !



  • Agent email responses to tickets are not sent to the client.  They are logged to the ticket thread as internal notes and do not trigger a Ticket updated message.  Internal notes are just that... notes that are only available to logged in Agents (staff).  Users have no way of seeing those.
  • Hi,

    unfortunately it is not the behavior i observed here.

    Seems only reply made on assignement notification are taken as internal note...

    Am I missing something in configurations ? 
  • No.  This is the default behavior.  And one of the most requests features to be able to change the behavior.
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