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Ver Ticket Cerrado (Miembro de un Equipo)

Estimados, buenas tardes, configure lo siguiente:

Versión: osTicket-v1.9.15

Tres Agentes: cdonoso, dzuniga y aromero
Dos departamentos: Soporte TI y Logistica
Tres Grupos: Jefe TI, Asistente TI, Gte. Logistica
Un Equipo: Soporte ERP

cdonoso -> Soporte TI -> Jefe TI -> Soporte ERP (Admin)
dzuniga -> Soporte TI -> Asistente TI -> Soporte ERP
aromero -> Logistica -> Gte. Logistica -> Soporte ERP

Solamente "cdonoso" puede cerrar Ticket, permiso concedido en el Grupo[Jefe TI].

Los únicos que pueden ver los Ticket cerrados del equipo "Soporte ERP" son: cdonoso y dzuniga, pero aromero no los puede visualizar, por que sucede esto?

Agradezco desde ya cualquier aclaración o ayuda.

Claudio Donoso


  • Please try to re-write this in English to get better support from others. Folks may try to use translate app but that isn't always 100% accurate.
  • Google Translate:

    Dear, Good afternoon, set the following:

    Version: osTicket-v1.9.15

    Three Agents: cdonoso, dzuniga and aromero
    Two departments: IT Support and Logistics
    Three Groups: IT Chief, IT Assistant, Gte. Logistics
    One Team: ERP Support

    Cdonoso -> IT Support -> IT Manager -> ERP Support (Admin)
    Dzuniga -> IT Support -> IT Assistant -> ERP Support
    Aromero -> Logistics -> Gte. Logistics -> ERP Support

    Only "greasy" can close Ticket, permission granted in the Group [Chief IT].

    The only ones who can see the closed tickets of the "ERP Support" team are: cdonoso and dzuniga, but aromero can not visualize them, why does this happen?

    Thank you in advance for any clarification or help.
  • Because the tickets are assigned to Department: IT support and Aromero is not.
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