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[resolved] Duplicate Tickets - IMAP / osTickets v1.9.14


I have osTickets v1.9.14. We have been battling with duplicate tickets for some time now. We have several departments, each with their own Gmail account to retrieve emails/tickets via IMAP. What will happen is a user sends in a ticket and osTicket seems to pull the email and create two tickets. Same email, same subject, same sender but different ticket ID's. See images for settings and an example of a duplicate ticket. How can I fix this?



  • I am curious, has this recently started happening? Did anything change around the same time that this happened?
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    It's very random and has happened since the beginning. I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause though. It's an EC2 instance on AWS with an AWS RDS (MySQL) instance for the DB. I have already rebooted everything and made sure that both instances aren't being taxed.
  • um, if it's happened since the beginning, why wait until now when you are actively using the ticketing system? Also, any reason you have not updated to the latest version?

    @Sperrow, any idea why duplication would be caused?
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    Well, it hasn't been service affecting, more of an annoyance. We've had this set up for about 3 weeks now so I wouldn't say I waited that much time considering I'm 1 guy managing a thousand other things. Any help would greatly be appreciated. 

    I plan to upgrade to the latest version overnight but highly doubt that will fix this issue as it's not a specific fixed item in the release notes.
  • Maybe you collect emails too frequently via autocron and a cron job? I would recommend not using autocron (especially both autocron and cron together) and the cron job should only collect every 3 minutes or a higher value. Fetching emails too often in a short time frame is not so good. Adjusting "Emails Per Fetch" could also be helpful with this issue.. 
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    So I should deselect "Fetch on auto-cron" and let the cron job do the fetching? What should I set the Fetch Frequency and Emails per fetch values to?
  • Also, when I deselect "Fetch on auto-cron", no emails are pulled. Is my cron job set up incorrectly? When I do a "which php" on ubuntu it gives me /usr/bin/php as the path so thats what I used in the cronjob with nobody as the user.
  • @Panda, did you have a look at the wiki and follow the steps there?
  • Yes I did.
  • Hello, what @mfelber said is quite possible about auto-cron, because Auto-cron: "Enables periodic email fetching using an internal task manager triggered by Agents' activity."

    It might be that your cron, which you have set up, e.g., to fetch e-mail every minute or less fetches the mail at the same time as auto-cron triggers via your or someones activity and if you have a lot of agents, it makes it even more possible.

    Try to disable auto-cron and see if that helps, you do not really need to use auto-cron if you have cron script running every minute or so, it won't make it a lot faster :)

  • @Sperrow thank you the information. However, when i disable auto-cron I don't receive emails. Is my cron job not set up correctly?
  • Would seem so, could you please run the cron manually from command line:
    /usr/bin/php /path/to/osticket/upload/api/cron.php

    It should show you errors if you have them that is or the errors should be in your web servers logs in /var/log/whateveritisforubuntu

    Can you confirm the frequency of the cron job you are running in background too?
  • @sperrow When i run that manually from the command line it gives no errors but also does not pull any emails. I have it set to */3 which should be every 3 minutes.
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    @sperrow Nvm, this has been resolved. I enabled debug level logs on osTicket and could see the error messages now. It was stating that it could not find sendmail when i ran the cron manually. I installed sendmail and restart apache2 services and it is now working. So, to conclude, I disabled auto-cron and only have cron job running which should resolve the duplicate tickets issue. Ty all for your help with this!
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