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White Screen after changed PHP version of the Server

Hi all,
I have an osticket v.1.9.12 and my server was running the php version 5.3. I had to upgrade the php version to 5.4+ version. After I moved the php version to 5.4 I got a white screen in all pages of the osticket even the admin page. I already have tried with other php versions. I moved the php version of my server to 5.3 again but the white screen is still there.

I didn't want to upgrade the osticket version for now once I made a few changes on the code. I will update a soon as possible, but at the moment I need to keep the 1.9.12.

Best regards,
Luís Almeida


  • Please read this: and add the relevant information. Otherwise we can't really help.
  • Hi Sperrow,

    I gave all the details I have at the moment.


  • Try to clear out cache (e.g., open your osticket in incognito mode if you have chrome) and see if that works, we really would need your apache/web server logs to see the cause.
  • edited February 2017
    I have no erros in the error_log file. And I tried in incognito mode and it's not working too.
  • White page is typically a PHP error, and your PHP error logs should show "something".
  • Quite possibly you will need to look at access log, it could give you some kind of HTTP code.

    *By the way, if you are running ssl, then you need to look at ssl_error_log, you can specify how the error log is called too, so be sure to check out if you have no other log files available in /var/log/httpd, that is - if you got centos, if not, then the log files might be in different location.
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