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Hi Forum

I have a customer that wants everybody in their company see all the tickets that have been submitted (so ppl can see whether there's a ticket for their problem already).

I couldn't find anything like that in the settings - is it possible to configure OST like that?

Thanks in advance!


  • Not many helpdesk ticketing systems allow customers to see the majority of tickets. But with that said, no OSTicket does not have that feature that i am aware of. You would want to setup knowledgebase and keep it updated with ticket questions and resolutions. Then have folks search the knowledgebase.
  • Thanks Synt4xError, I thought it'd be that way...

    Thanks for your help anyway!
  • There are two ways to do this.

    1. User organizations.
    Assign your users to the Org and then they will be able to see each others tickets on the user side.

    2. modify the core source files
    You would have to mod your core source files something like this:
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