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Emailing other people within ticket - Original User not to see conversation.

Running OSTicket version 1.10

I want to talk to third parties from a ticket but do not want response to go back to original user and want the third party to be able to respond to the ticket directly. Following is an example:
Fred Smith submits a ticket which is now assigned to user
The ticket is assigned to me in OSTicket to deal with.
I need to contact an outside company for some advice so I want to send an email to from the ticket, without Fred Smith seeing this conversation. I then want to reply to my request  directly to the ticket, again without Fred Smith seeing the reply.
Hope above is clear, and would like to know the best and easiest way of achieving this with the OSTicket system.  


  • What you want to do is not currently possible in osTicket. You would need to make modifications to the source code to achieve this.

  • It's not perfect but how about Internal Notes...?

    Admin panel -> settings -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notices.
    New Internal Activity Alert.
    Last Respondent, Assigned Agent ? Team, Department manager

    The description is "Alert sent out to Agents when internal activity such as an internal note or an agent reply is appended to a ticket."
  • @ntozier

    So add the third party company as an Agent in the system so that they can be assigned tickets and get ticket alerts, with their email responses to ticket alerts going back on as internal notes?

  • Thats the only way I can think of to make it work.
  • Interesting solution, very creative. I like it.

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