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ticket alert emails -> Slack: ticket URL not clickable

Hi there - we are using an older but functional Slack plugin so that new tickets are announced in the IT group's Slack channel. It's not all that useful though because it doesn't include any of the ticket body. As an alternative, I'm sending osTicket email alerts directly to the Slack channel. This is the particular email alert template I'm referring to:

Admin Panel -> Emails -> Templates -> New Ticket Alert

This works great, but for one thing:  for some reason, the ticket's URL (via the "%{ticket.staff_link}" variable) is not clickable in the Slack channel message. This has not happened when receiving New Ticket Alert emails in any other application (Outook, iOS, Android, webmail, etc). I believe it has something to do with the way outbound email is formatted by osTicket. Wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix this?

Using SMTP to send email.
In Admin Panel -> Settings -> Tickets, "Enable HTML Ticket Thread" is checked.
Config details are in the attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


  • Version of osTicket?
  • sorry looks like my attachment didn't come thru.
    osTicket version is 1.9.14 (8b927a0)
  • It could be a bug in the 1.9.14 version. As I've never run that or the 1.9.15 in production I don't think that I would be much help.  I asked the devs to take a look at this thread and was told that you would have to troubleshoot your plugin.
  • Hmm OK thanks - but in this context we aren't using a plugin. Instead I have an osTicket agent named "Slack" with its osTicket email address set to the Slack channel's email address. So the Slack channel is receiving exactly the same alert emails that the IT dept. humans receive. That's why I was thinking the issue might be related to the way outbound emails from osTicket are formatted..

  • Yes but slack may not be interpreting properly because slack is coded differently than OSTicket, so it may strip some items that make it clickable. I am only taking a guess, but since the issue is not OSTickets side, I would assume it's slack with the details you have provided.
  • That's fair. :)  although I've never seen Slack fail to correctly parse a URL from any other source. <shrug>

    I think I just found a fix, though. In the New Ticket Alert template editor, I used the "link" button to turn the "%{ticket.staff_link}" variable into a..  link, as seen in the attached screenshot. So the HTML source looks like:
    <a href="%{ticket.staff_link}">%{ticket.staff_link}</a>

    This appears to have fixed the problem in Slack without causing any new trouble anywhere else. :D

    Thanks for all the thoughts & responses!

  • edited February 2017

  • Very nice!!!!! Thank you for posting your resolution. What did you have set before? Seems like you used HTML and that resolved it?
  • OH nice!  Thanks for digging into this.
  • FYI: This is fixed in my upgraded/updated fork:
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