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OSTicket been working well for more than 1 year.. Sudden Error

Hi guys,

I've been using OSTicket for my company for well more than1  year with no issues.

With no changes made, I am suddenly getting this email error message:

osTicket is having trouble fetching emails from the following mail account: 

Error: No such host as

122 consecutive errors. Maximum of 5 allowed

This could be connection issues related to the mail server. Next delayed login attempt in aprox. 10 minutes

I have swapped my real domain with "" for confidentiality.

I have doubled checked with my hosting and my email server, there is NO issue. Yet OSticket keeps telling me there is no such host.

However, when I try to add a gmail account as an interim measure to get this back up, all Im getting are timeout requests. I suspect the problem lies with OSticket itself, something is preventing it from reaching my mail host.

Can someone help me? If need be I don't mind paying for OSTicket's professional support team to come in as this is highly urgent.



  • Did you enable two step authentication on your gmail around the same time you experienced this issue?
  • No I didnt :)

    Pls let me clarify, the real issue is not with gmail. 

    My original host is not getting reached for some reason.
  • "Error: No such host as"

    This appears to be a DNS issue.
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