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[resolved] Local instance on xampp - problem logging in as staff.

I have migrated an osTicket instance from production server to local environment for testing purposes. R.synced files, dumped database, created virtual server on xampp's Apache, imported database and started local instance. Everything is working just fine except I cannot log in to <osticketdomain>/scp/login.php on local instance. I get "invalid login" every time, even though my credentials are the same. I have compared production and test database - the password hashes are the same. I am able to log into production without problems but no locally. There are no php errors. The OsTicket version I am using is 1.7-RC6+. Any ideas?


  • edited February 2017
    I would upgrade, that's version is really old and unsupported.

    Any reason you do not want to upgrade? If it's a test environment then it would be the best place to start testing :) 

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    Upgrading that system is out of the scope of my work right now. I got several other projects over my head and don't have time to start to upgrade something that most certainly has been customized without leaving any decent documentation. I just need to take look under a hood first and I need to do it outside production server ;). Any ideas what could cause permission denied on this one? I need to find why the list of open tickets is loading like 1 minute, the live system is on shared hosting where I cannot check slow query log at all, the only way I could test it is on my own machine but it don't let me in to admin panel. Frustrating.
  • Problem solved, I  created another user with admin privileges on the database and managed to get in. Thank you for your time.
  • Thank you for figuring it out and letting us know what your solution was. 
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