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Understanding message threading


The back and forth conversation between the support agent in OS Tickets and the client via email works.
All replies are added to the ticket.

Without getting into the details, I am running a somewhat unusual application of OS Tickets (without making any changes to the OS tickets code).

The back and forth emails are passed through a separate, custom web app.
In the process, the replies from the client to the support agent are not getting threaded correctly.
The replies end up as new tickets, rather than associated with an existing ticket.

Can anyone tell me how OS tickets keeps the thread together?
I suspect that there is a line in the email header that links the relies to the initial ticket.



  • First osticket checks message-id first and trying to compare it to existing message-ids.  Then it checks the reference-id and in-reply-to.  Lastly if all else fails it checks the message subject for the ticket [#number] to see if it matches an existing ticket.  This last one is why a lot of people will include the ticket number variable in their email templates subjects.

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