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Mark answered ticket "as read" in Gmail

In our installment the system fetches the incoming emails from our Gmail account and we reply them through the ticket generated from the email.
The problem is, the mails we done stay un-read in Gmail. Is there any way to mark them as-read after answered?
For many in-house reasons, we cannot use solely the osTicket to handel all our emails, some of them must forwarded through the Gmail, so I have to separate the "answered" ones, from the others.


  • I'm not aware of a way to do that.

    But why not have osTicket move them to another folder in your gmail account?
    Admin panel -> Emails -> Emails -> your email.
    Fetched Emails -> move to folder.
  • Okay, move to another folder is an option too, but
    That setting is moves the emails at the time of the fetching, but I want to alter them (move, mark as read...anything) when the corresponding ticket is answered.
  • Yes.  I understand what you are asking.  I'm not aware of a way to do that.

    I'm saying that by moving it at fetch time you will know it was fetched which is a work around to needing to mark it as read.
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