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Tickets from the web, how to assign to user

At the moment, tickets that are sent to the e-mail address are used correctly and is assigned a user, and thus has a populated "From" in open tickets. On the web, I ask for the e-mail address, how do I tie whatever they entered in the e-mail address field into a user and e-mail?

Much thanks!


  • When a user opens a ticket.. that ticket is already owned by them.
  • @ntozier ok, but how do you populate the User and e-mail address field? Making a ticket through the web does not populate those fields. I do have a form for those fields, but I want to transfer what I get from there to the ticket fields. In the attached screenshot, I want to populate the e-mail field with the e-mail I received from the ticket form.

    These users are not logged in, and I don't want them to have to login to submit a ticket.

    Much thanks!
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