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How to have a ticket filter time based

I cant find a ticket filter whereby after a certain time period, I am able to assign new tickets to a different department.
For example, business hours it'll send to, after business hours it'll send to
Is there a function to do this?
osTicket Version : v1.9.15 (70898b3)
Web Server Software : Apache
MySQL Version : 5.1.73
PHP : 5.3.3


  • I am going to move this to the proper thread as you posted in v1.10.
  • Hi @Manojtcmy, just to make sure I understand, are you trying to find a filter that would allow you to have those different emails setup for ticket fetching/creating?
  • Let me put it in a scenario,
    When Ticket A is submitted from (8am-6pm), it will be assigned to Department Business.
    When Ticket A is submitted from (6pm-12am), it will be assigned to Department AfterBusiness.
    Is this clear @Synt4xError ? Thanks for aiding :)
  • I do not think that is possible, but maybe @ntozier might have a better idea if it's at all doable.  
  • I do not believe that this is something that you can do at this time.  Sounds like the basis of a good feature request though. (I would think that adding it to Ticket Filters would make the most sense)
  • Gotta give my +1 for this feature. I would love this ability as well.
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