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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

How can I change the copy on the front and other pages?

I have successfully found where to change the css of the landing page
for OSTicket to match my site. But I am unable to find where to change
the standard copy/text (please see screen capture for the content I want
to change - it's marked in pink).

Can someone tell me what files
I need to change to affect the front page? Also, I'm sure I will want
to change text elsewhere on the site so I am wondering if there is a
logic to where I can find other pages I may want to change?

I looked for the topic and didn't find anything recent. Thanks!



  • I removed your post from the 1.10 forum for you.

    I am no longer running 1.9.x, but in 1.10 you can do this my modifying the landing page at:

    Admin Panel > Manage > Pages > Landing > Page Content

    Perhaps someone else still running 1.9.xx can help you if that is not where it was located in that version.

    And in the future you should include more information about your environment, specifically which version you are running, since there are changes from one to the next.

  • I loaded the version available via BlueHost's One Click installs (formerly Fantastico). So, I wasn't aware that they were not using the most up to date version.

    And 1.9 doesn't have the path you mentioned. :(

    But thank you for the response.
  • 1.9 it is at:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Pages -> Landing

    Or you are using a version of 1.9 that is on the much earlier side.  Regardless you should upgrade to comething more current..
  • Sorry. Don't know how I missed that. I thought I'd looked at all tabs. Thank you.

    As to upgrade, that will have to be manual since BlueHost obviously isn't offering the upgrade.
  • edited February 2017
    I would also like to change the word "ticket" across the site to "request." Starting with the ticket form, itself, can you tell me where I would find this copy/text so I can replace it?

    Also, I checked BlueHost and the most recent version they have is 1.9.12. So no upgrade available there. I hate to try a manual install and lose the work I've done. I may ask them to update their available version so I can continue to update there.

  • This is not something that you can simply do through the UI. 

    If you plan on trying to replace the word 'Ticket' with 'Request' across the entire site, then you will have to do a large amount of renaming in the actual source files. 

    And you will want to keep track of each one of those changes so that you can repeat them every time you upgrade to a newer version. There will be fewer modifications if you only intend to do it client side.

  • edited February 2017
    Note: I found this instance. It's in

    Thank you for responding Blueguy.

    Yes, I plan to do it only on the client side. I don't care about the backend.

    Using inspector I've replaced the word on many of the pages already. However, the "open ticket" form is obviously a dynamic page and that portion is being called in from a file I can't find. Inspector thinks it should be in the open.php file. But, I can't find it there. I also looked at includes/client/ and haven't found it there so far.

    If anyone knows where I can change this, please help! Thanks!
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