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Add List to a sub field

Hi i wanna know  if its possible  ad a sub list  to my  contac info  i have set in the institucion field  a list  of school that i manage  i want to know if is  posible add in the "plantel " field  another list associated  to instuticion that show the diferent sub institutions that i have . 


Institucion : lamar

plantel:  ---show the diferente categories from "lamar"

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Versión PHP5.6.4-4ubuntu6.4

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  • I'm not sure what your asking.
    Go to: 
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information.
    Add as many fields or lists you want.
  • i have  a list with names  in one field  like 30 items  preset  to a   field , in  a second field depending of the  item on the  first  one i wanna get   a uniques items for each item from the  first  item 
  • edited February 2017
    like for example, i   select disney in the first  field , in the second field  appear the diferent parks  to select  like disney orlando , disney california, disney france. 

    if  i select in the first field  six flags, in the second field shows me the differents parks
  • Did you manage to find a fix for this, as I am looking to apply something similar with help topics, where if someone selects 'Printer' then the second field will display further options such as 'Toner', 'Cabling' etc
  • not yet. 
  • Help Topics do this.
    create a custom form and add it to Help Topic.
  • edited March 2017
    but i want  to add to  my contac information  when the person register  a account or the agentin my contec info there is a field "institution"(the name of  the  school/institucion) when they select 1  in another field  campus(plantel) get the aviable campus for the  institution select on the  first field (institucion)

  • edited March 2017
    here is  my form 
  • This does not change my answer.
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