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close a ticket

Is it possible for an agent to close a ticket for another agent?

1.10 version



  • Any agent that has access to a ticket can close it.
  • I'm sorry, I did not explain it correctly.

    Ticket 0052 has been automatically assigned to agent X.
    Agent X performed the service, but he does not have access to a computer (osticket).
    Agent Y closed the ticket 0052.

    I need the ticket 0052 to continue to be assigned to agent X.

    It is possible? 
  • Q: It is possible? 
    A: Yes, that's the default behavior last I checked.  Make sure that the ticket is assigned to a department that the agent has access to.
  • It is not happening that way.

    If agent Y closes the ticket, the agent is automatically assigned to the ticket.

    I would like to keep agent X assigned after the Y closes it.
  • Interesting.
    I hadn't noticed that before.  You are correct it does.
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