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Translating Canned Responses?

I cannot find a way to translate the Canned Responses in Knowledgebase. Translating FAQ works great, but how can I translate Canned Responses?


  • You could:
    Click Add New Response.
    give it the same title but at the end add (Spanish)
    Add your spanish translated text.
    Click Add Response.

    The multi language feature has never been announced as completed, you probably are looking at something that wasn't completed yet.
  • Thanks. I have 20 canned responses in 10 languages, so there will be a list of 200 items. Not a perfect solution, it will be a long list in the dropdown menu.
  • Hello,

    this is what we do: create different departments for example: English Support, Spanish Support, etc and then assign the translated canned messages to each department.

    Every department will only see their canned messages in their language. Works even greater when you are using different support mails for example support.en@yourdomain to transfer the emails to the department automatically or you can use filters that transfer all *.de mails to the german department.

  • @SirupGuy that is sorta brilliant. :)
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