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See the same ticket in a organisation?


is it possible to see all the tickets from 1 organisation as a user?

So for example i have 1 organisation with 2 users in it. both users are making tickets. But when they separetely login they only see there own tickets.. So double tickets can be created.

It would be handy if both users see there tickets when they login. Hope that you understand my question.


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    I don't believe this is possible at this time.
  • edited March 2017
    (Depending on you osticket Version) you can configure it via the organization settings. 

    When you activate the "Automated Collaboration" for "Organization Members" via the checkbox "Add to all tickets from this organization" each member of the organization has access to all tickets. This will only affect new tickets! 

  • thanks @mfelber, I don't do anything with Organizations really in my environment so I was not aware of these settings.

  • woow mfelber !! Thankss
  • What does the first option do? Primary contacts? Who are the primary contacts?
  • The Primary Contact of the Organization.
    Who ever you select.
  • Okay lol thanks!
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