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Customer Portal / not displaying ticket data.

Related to:

It was thought that this was now fixed, however on applying the fix of removing the additional fields, we then created custom forms and have found that the data still will not show up.

I have tested this on both the Theme and standard out the box version and neither are displaying the data. 


  • In fact, it's working in the 'out of the box' version but not the theme version... can anyone point me in some form of direction of what its most likely to be? 

    The theme we are using is:
  • is not associated with osticket as far as I know. You would need to contact them for support.

  • That's the problem we have, as the theme we are using comes with zero support, there are no contact options available.

    We are now considering looking at other theme options.  Are there any that you can recommend, or would you recommend simply that we use the 'out the box' option and then look to customise / build around it ourselves.
  • I want to pick your brains if I may on this, I have had a look at the Dashboard --> Info within Admin Panel and the following is displayed, could any of this be the reason for why the customer portal shows blank for tickets created by portal / agent, but then display if a ticket is created by email?

    It's a shot in the dark of course, and only happening on the theme which I know is not supported.

  • I would assume that the "theme" altered the code... and is breaking the display and that PHP modules like those aren't going to help
  • @jhollingsworth are the extensions enabled in the php.ini file ?
  • I spoke to other developers that have made various themes and none of them have modified the code, all they have done is modify the css / sass.  I am currently debating with management on either reverting back to the original 'OS Ticket' look and feel, or, update to a new theme.  The concern is of course that as updates come out, the theme may then only become unsupported again.
  • I have started testing by copying some files over from the original OS Ticket to the theme version and I have made it up to the 'include\client' folder, I suspect this is where the problem originates from.

    When I have the original OS Ticket (non-theme) folder here, the portal displays the ticket data, when I overwrite the folder it then loses the display. 

    I shall continue to dig to see if I can find the specific file.
  • found the problem file was within the include\client folder.  Obviously I need to do some digging around to see what the cause of the issue is, the files have a different number of lines, so now to try and find out the line that's causing the problem.

    I would like to thank everyone on the forum for helping me thus far as it's had my brain wobbling around the dark matter for a little bit more than I normally would perhaps. 

    If everyone is happy with me doing so, I will post the result / fix once I have found it for anyone else that has a similar issue in the future.
  • edited March 2017
    Hi jhollingsworth,

    we are using the same theme for several setups.
    Please post your solution, I'm in contact with the developer of the theme and may be able to aski him to fix this bug, the client site theme was open source a while ago.

  • @derdanilo can you confirm that you are using the same Theme that we are using, and how have you managed to make contact with the developer as I have up till now failed to make contact with them. 

    The theme we are using is the free version from:

  • I confirm, as said before, that we use this theme on several installations. We even made some changes to the CSS to have it match our colors.

    I wrote the dev in the very beginning when the theme was out there the first time and have had contact since then. I wrote him already about this problem and send him a link to this forum post.

    Please keep posting your findings as it might help solving the issue faster.


  • I have found the cause of the problem and have managed to fix it, once the theme is installed, delete the file within include\client and replace it with the original OS Ticket file.  You will then just need to go through the code and update the links to various CSS / SASS references within the file.

    In my own client I am currently trying to fix the CSS / SASS references, which is going to take a while.
  • @derdanilo - is there any chance of you putting me in contact with the developer of the theme, as I would like to run through the changes that are needed. 
  • the line of code which is currently blanking out the site at the moment is this one, can anyone spot any errors in the code?  It's from the ""

    <?php echo ($S = $ticket->getStatus()) ? $S->getLocalName() : ''; ?>

    I expect this is down to my own lack of knowledge / experience but what is the ? in the middle of the code supposed to do?  If it's all about continuing the code then I would have expected either a . or &&
  • I have just updated the line of code to this, and it now appears to be working... I am a confused man right now.

        echo ($S = $ticket->getStatus()) ? $S->getLocalName() : '';

    Maybe I need to get to the opticians, but these look identical to me, and yet now it's working.
  • Did you compair the two files with e.g. Notepad++ and the compair plugin?
    Please send me your email address in a PM, I will forward it to the dev. He can then contact you.

  • The dev has resolved the issues with the theme file, confirmed working in my test environment, awaiting to publish live.
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