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Attachment required via Ticket editmode

Hello together,

we have a custom form and there is an attachment field required and must be attached to the form. On first creation we didn't have any problem and in send form all was fine.
Before updating to 1.10 we can edit this ticket without any problems. Now, its required a file again. But there is a file and not needed to attach a file again. So how get it work that we can edit a ticket, if a required field is set with an attachment without delete and upload file again.

We thing that we have here a bug. If there is a file required and a file is set before edit, it's useless to mark attachment field again that there is required a file in edit mode.

So, is there another solution or is this really a bug?



  • I have no idea what you are trying to ask.  Perhaps step by step instructions on hwo to recreate this, and some screen shots might clarify.
  • edited March 2017
    Totally Simple... We have a ticket with an attached file. This field is a required field. Now we edit this ticket with an exist file and if we try to save, we get a message that there is a file missing. But it was uploaded to the ticket at ticket open.

    1) Form with requried fields also that there must be an attached file
    2) Someone Open a Ticket with this form and a file, cause file is required
    3) An agent edit this ticket e.g. longer expire date
    4) Agent change expire date and will save but there comes up an error message that a file is needed, but this ticket has a file attached.

    This file is there and that is useless to say the agent again, that there is missing a file. Now we must upload a file only for changing the expire date.

    I hope that is clear now.

    There are so many personal data actually in this ticket that i don't show all pictures...



    And now we change expire date and then get this error:


    The system will have a file again but there is a file attached and no needed to check again.

    Before update to 1.10 we can edit all tickets without any errors. We doesn't change anything within the ticket formula. So why did the system need a file in edit mode again?

    I hope this is more clear now.
  • As you can see that this issue is old... We don't lost attached file. As you can see it stay but the logic of requirement told me that i must add a file! But a file is added... I take a look in class.thread_actions.php and this line what was added i have in it... Thats not the bug what i have!
  • No ideas? I feel it's a bug. I've set this field to non required for agents and lost then all attached files after edit this ticket. That is stupid.
  • I've asked the devs to take a look at this.
  • Are there new news?
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