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Can't set ROOT_PATH

Can't set ROOT_PATH variable.

I'm setting with define('ROOT_PATH,'/osticket/); in ost-config.php.
But right after defining when i echo with echo ROOT_PATH; it's returning '/'.

PHP version : v5.6.30
Osticket version: v1.9.14
Any suggestions ?


  • Step 1. Upgrade to current..
    If you cannot or will not upgrade to current then upgrade to the current version of the old branch (1.9.15 as of right now)
    Step 2. See if you still have an issue.
  • Also this:define('ROOT_PATH,'/osticket/);

    is syntactically wrong. the second single quote should be before the comma.  Like this:
  • Upgraded to v1.9.15 and still have an issue.
    defined with define('ROOT_PATH',/osticket/); gives an syntax error; So i defined with  define('ROOT_PATH','/osticket/');
    It looks like a bug, it's reported in issues on github project. (but none answered :D)
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