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NGINX URL rewrinting error (20: Not a directory) specialy on PopUp


I have trouble to configure OSticket with Nginx. Popup appear blanck and some error appears on nginx error logs. There is my configuration :

OSticket installation (cgi.fix_pathinfo is enable ) on a attached file.

NGINX configuration :

Nginx log error example :

2017/03/14 07:56:17 [error] 580#0: *243 open() "/var/www/webroot/ROOT/scp/ajax.php/tickets/status/close/3" failed (20: Not a directory), client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /scp/ajax.php/tickets/status/close/3?count=1&_uid=1489478179389 HTTP/1.1", host: "XXXX.XXXX.XX", referrer: "http://XXXX.XXXX.XX/scp/"

I will appreciate some help...if someone can provide a working configuration on nginx :)



  • NGINX is not a support webserver with osTicket.  There are a bunch of changes that you will have to make..  I recommend that you read through all the nginx issue reports on github as there is a lot.
  • OK thanks, should i will migrate to apache ?
  • I would migrate to either Apache or IIS. 
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