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How to Change Table in ticket listing

I want to change the "SUBJECT" to a different name and if possible add more columns like department, ticket status, etc in tickets view. Anyone have the idea?


  • This thread covers pretty much every contemporary version of osTicket for how to add columns.

    Side note: once the Custom Queues feature is included editing the source for this should no longer be necessary.

  • Thank you blueguy.

    The 'requestor' is  originally labelled as 'subject'. I want to add or change the column with a custom field a created in admin UI under forms.

    I am not a PHP savvy. Can anyone assist me in doing it step by step please? :)image
  • Hi Blueyeguy, I tried following these steps but the lines are different in my

    I am using 1.9.15
  • You will have to search through the thread that @blueyeguy linked you for the post(s) appropriate for your version.  If you do not find one that is exact, it is up to you to figure out how to modify your core source files using that thread as a guideline.  Keep in mind that: 
    • modifying your core source files means you own any changes you make should any undocumented features appear (bugs).  
    • Altering your source means that you will have to make the same modification when you upgrade to a newer version. (and the version you are running is not the current stable)  
    • We will tell you to revert to the stock download to receive additional support should you have any other issues as we do not provide support for altered core source files.  We only support official downloaded versions here from
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