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Agent Visability

How can I limit the agents that an agent can see in the Agent Directory to only those in their Department?
Ideal would be that they could see the agents in their Department and any sub/child Departments.


  • I would also like an agent to only the department they are in and not the whole list.

    Let me explain my use case.  I am setting up a system for my product.  It is sold by resellers.  Some of these are competitors.  I want to be also to have an agent at a reseller have access, but only to the tickets in their department.  I don't want them to see anything from other departments.  That would include: tickets, agents, departments.
  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.  Do do this you would have to modify the core source files.

    You could try making them a manager of an organizations, and add people to the Org that the product is for though.
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