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How I can display only private help topics on open.php? osTicket 1.10

I was using version 1.9.15 and had two applications installed, one and, at the open.php page showed only The public help topics and at only the private topics, because I had the interface for external users and internal users, using the same database, because one can not see the topics of the other.

I did this by modifying class.topic.php at at line 261:

If (! $ Names) {
            $ Sql ​​= 'SELECT topic_id, topic_pid, ispublic, isactive, topic FROM' .TOPIC_TABLE
                . 'WHERE isactive = 1 AND ispublic = 0 ORDER BY `sort`';

            $ Res = db_query ($ sql);

            // Fetch information for all topics, in declared sort order
            $ Topics = array ();
            While (list ($ id, $ pid, $ pub, $ act, $ topic) = db_fetch_row ($ res))
                $ Topics [$ id] = array ('pid' => $ pid, 'public' => $ pub,
                    'Disabled' =>! $ Act, 'topic' => $ topic);

What I want to know is how to do this in version 1.10, since class.topic.php is different, I could not enter the WHERE so that only private threads are displayed.

If anyone can help me, I appreciate it.


  • The same function "getHelpTopics" in the 1.10 at class.topic.php:

    static function getHelpTopics($publicOnly=false, $disabled=false, $localize=true) {
            global $cfg;
            static $topics, $names = array();

            // If localization is specifically requested, then rebuild the list.
            if (!$names || $localize) {
                $objects = self::objects()->values_flat(
                    'topic_id', 'topic_pid', 'ispublic', 'isactive', 'topic'

    I want select only ispublic=0 on table, but how?
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