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SLA per organization and severity


Is there a way to setup a configuration where the SLA is set by organization and by severity?

For sample, we have a Organization 1 that they asked for the SLA based on severity like High 1 week, Medium 2 weeks and Low 4 weeks and the Organization 2 where the SLA also should be based on severity like this High 4 weeks, Medium 8 weeks and low 6 weeks.

Thanks for any suggestion.


  • No.  Organizations do not have SLA's.  Severities is not an osTicket term and as such also do not have SLA's.

    The system itself has a default SLA.
    Each ticket can have it's own SLA.
    Help Topics have SLA's.
    Departments have SLA's.
  • Thanks for your information, I will discuss with my customer about the alternativies.
  • Additionally if all tickets are being opened by a specific domain... you could use Ticket Filters to set an SLA.
  • I'm new with OsTicket, so do you know if there is any document that I can read about how to use the Ticket Filters?
  • They are pretty straight forward.  So much so that I dont think that anyone has every written a "how To use" them.
  • Thanks, so I'll try to use them.
  • I'm trying to use Ticket Filters, but I'm not able to filter by Help topic, is it possible to filter by help topic?
  • Looks like in 1.10 you can filter on Topic ID when selecting criteria.

    If you go to Manage > Help Topics and select a topic, the topic id shows in the url.

  • Thanks, now I got it.

    I didn't figure out that the Topic ID was showing in the url when I select it.

  • edited March 2017

    An easier way is to add a custom field to the organisations,
    with the options of all the SLA names.
    Then with ticket filters you can make a filter for each SLA which does the following:


    equal to all
    Organisation / SLA >> Equal to >> NameOfSLA

    Filter action:
    Attach (SLA) >> NameOfSLA

    Now when a person from a company sends a ticket, the system will automatically attach the SLA plan for that company.

    The Ticket filters need to be added only once, after that you can manage all company's SLA plans from the organisation edit page.


    Also, by adding an extra rule (for priority as seen on the screenshot) you can filter on the impact.
    So when an employee from an organisation sends a ticket with Priority *High* you can make extra SLA plans like Gold-A for instance, which has a shorter time span.
    That way you can be even more precise.

    Untill a feature is added for this, this is a good workaround.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Nick,

    Thanks a lot for the example.

    I tested the Ticket filters and I could set the priority by Topic ID.

    Now I will try the filter like your example so then I can set the priority by organization and also by the impact.

    Just one question what is the version of your OsTicket?  I'm using 1.9.14.

    Best regards,
  • Hello jaraujo,

    The version in my example was version 1.10, i recommend you upgrade, 1.10 has alot to offer (-:
    If anything isn't clear, please don't hesitate to contact me again.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Nick,

    Sure, I'm scheduling the upgrade.

    Thanks once again.

    Best regards,
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