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Emails not being sent while site is inactive.

My users only submit their support request via email and not through the support site. If the site has been inactive for a while (the exact length of time for this inactivity is unknown), I do not receive any email's notifying me that a user submitted a support request. I could be days that requests for support could be sitting there.
It's only when I visit my support site, that's when I start receiving emails notifying me of requests for support,

In other words, it appears as if the osticket application is sleeping and when I visit my osticket site, that's when I start seeing support emails being sent to my support inbox.

Also, I've noticed that the Username field does not stick to what I have originally enter as a username is
Please see attached

Please advise on how to resolve this.

osTicket Version     v1.9.14 (8b927a0)
Web Server Software      Apache
MySQL Version            5.5.51
PHP Version              5.3.29


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