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Agent Collision Avoidance


Many of my colleagues are complaining that the agent collision avoidance feature is not working properly. They are sometimes not seeing that another agent is currently viewing the ticket (I have checked and ajusted the collision time to 90 minutes but the complaints are still coming). 

We also have had a problem that somehow one of our agents was simultaneously "viewing" 3 tickets and therefore all 3 tickets were locked by him. In reality, he opened and left 3 separate tickets but the system somehow did not react and allowed all 3 tickets to be locked by him. This agent constantly has the problem and the tickets are only reopened when the 90 minutes run out or he logs off. 

Our instance is not what I would consider huge by any means (roughly 1,100 tickets to date) but I cannot pinpoint what might be causing this failure/bug other than a slow actualization rate (my server side??). 
Has anyone else had a similar problem or maybe advice on what may be causing this problem?? Any thoughts may help and are appreciated.


osTickt Version: v1.9.15
Server Software: Apache 2.2.22 Ubuntu
MySQL Version: 5.1.73
PHP Version: 5.3.2-1 ubuntu 4.30


  • I would suggest that your problem is that you have it set to 90 minutes...

    One of my sites I have it set to 1 minute, and the other 3 minutes.  
  • Hey ntozier,

    Thanks for the message. However, I think there may be a slight misunderstanding. The "duration of agent collision avoidance" is 90 minutes meaning the ticket should remain locked up to 90 minutes that the agent has the ticket open. 
    In each agent's personal settings they have the option to have their refresh rate set as they wish. Most people have it set between 1 and 3 minutes.

    But either way should still notify the agent when the open the ticket that it is currently locked by another agent as long as it is within the 90 minute working collision window. 

    If I misunderstood what you meant or misusing the function then I apologize and please advise.
  • Collision is set at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Agent Collision Avoidance Duration.  

    Agents cannot control how long the lock out is... refresh is how often the SCREEN refreshes/reloads (like on the open ticket list etc).  It has nothing to do with collision.  You having collision set at 90 minutes means that it will stay locked for 90 minutes.
  • Ok understood. And you have the collistion set at only 1 to 3 minutes?
  • I manage two live sites.  one of them (our main site is 1 min, and the other site ran for the state is set to 3 minutes).
  • Ah ok. I work for a very technical company and when the customer calls our hotline with a problem, calls (including talking time and researching the solution) can sometimes last up to an hour or longer. That is why we have a long collision time of 90 minutes. This ensures the agent has enough time to effectively solve the issue and include everything in an email or internal note for future reference.
  • @Natedawg (Love his music) for my own curiosity; are you guys supposed to have the ticket opened while calling the end user?
  • @Synt4xError It is definitely preferred to have it open. 
    Just for explanation purposes, our process goes like this:

    - Customer calls hotline. Helpdesk secretary answers phone and enters initial customer info/problem into a new Ticket. Then 2 things can happen:
    1)  If an agent is available, the call is forwarded to the agent where he then can view the ticket and enter more information during the call (internal notes). Ticket is locked so others know not to call customer.
    2) If an agent is unavailable, the caller is promised a call back within a certain time. Agents then can see based on the the due date and collision avoidance if a customer needs to be contacted or if someone else is already addressing the issue.

    This is why it is important to have the ticket open when communicating with the customer so that others see the ticket is currently being addressed and can work on another issue. 
    But this is also why we have a fairly big problem is the collision avoidance is not working properly. I have had a few of my colleagues mention that they did not know someone else was dealing with the customer because the system did not mark the ticket as locked, so they tried to call the customer back while he was already speaking with one of our agents. Make us look a little foolish and unorganized which we are trying not to be :)
  • edited March 2017
    Why not have agents claim the ticket while they are working on it, and other agents would know to only take/claim tickets that have not already been claimed/assigned?

  • @blueyeguy - good suggestion and one we have also discussed. But due to the complexity of our products (machine components manufacturer), our tickets often take a few days with back-and-forth communication with the customer (e.g. often we suggest to change parameters and the customer then needs the time to test it out and calls back later with feedback). Our hotline agents are also our field technicians and are not always in the office able to take calls. This is why we use osTicket in order to document communication with the customer so that any agent can easily pick up where the last one left off. Therefore we prefer not to have one agent claim the ticket because this could delay reaching the fastest solution for our customer. 
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