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change default ticket display sort

System Information:
PHP Ver.: 5.3.29
O/S:  Unknown hosted server (windows server)
Client or Staff side of UI: Windows
MySQL Ver.:  5.0.8
osTicket Ver.:  v1.10

I saw that in v1.9 that there was no easy way to change default ticket display sort.  I would like to change the default display sort to be due date.  Any way to do this in v1.10?


  • I have two questions;

    1) Can you update your php to 5.6.x? You are not on a supported version for OSTicket v1.10
    2) If you are using MySQL, your version is way out dated. Are you sure you are using MySQL?
  • ooops.  My error.  I verified with host provider that I have MySql 5.6

    Also, I upgraded php to 5.6.22
  • So is this all set now?
  • nope.  Still would like to know how to change the default display sort to due date.
  • You can only sort on the columns on the screen.

    You could use advanced search to create a search based on due date and save it, and use that.
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