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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now


Buenos días, 

Por favor alguien me PUEDE Ayudar Con Los boletos cerrados, ya Que Al Momento De que el agente cierra el billete, no se guarda en la opcion de tickets cerrados. 


Good Morning,

Please someone can help me with the tickets closed, since when the agent closes the ticket, it is not saved in the option of closed tickets.

Thank you


  • When a ticket is closed it is no longer assigned to an individual.  Make sure that your Agent account has access to the department that the ticket is assigned to.
  • edited March 2017
    De Hola, Si! Tiene acceso a los ticktes, los ticktes cerrados no se guardan en Alguna parte?
  • Google Translate:
    "From Hello, Yes! Has access to ticks, closed ticks are not saved somewhere?"

    Asking the same question a different way does not change the answer.
    When a ticket is closed it is not assigned to a individual anymore.
    To guarentee continued access make sure the agent has access to the Department that the ticket is in.

  • Good afternoon,

    Sorry for my insistence, but I also run the ostickte with version 1.7 and the closed tickte, they go to the tab closed, but I see that with this new version when closing them do not go to that tab. Then I would like to know where they are stored.

  • This is the same question.
    They go to the closed tickets tab.
    You no longer have access to them because you are not a member of the department that the ticket is assigned to...  
  • Hola, buenos días.. me sumo a la discusión por que tengo el mismo problema... Puedo confirmar que el agente en cuestión es miembro del departamento al que esta asignado el ticket. Cual puede ser el problema?

    Google traslate

    "Hi, good morning .. I
    join the discussion because I have the same problem ... I can confirm
    that the agent in question is a member of the department to which the
    ticket is assigned.
    What could be the problem?"

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