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Installation of osticket

Hi, actually I have an os ticked installed on a
virtual server (Debian 7.11). User can log in on this page :

I would like to make a new installation on the
same server (with an export of the current database but isolated) to
realise tests. Is-it possible ?

I have to realize this installation into the following page :

Do i Have to make a new installation of
ostickets? I imagine i have to copy some files of the current
installation but which of them ?

Thanks a lot.


  • Q: Do i Have to make a new installation of ostickets?
    A: Yes.  But the easiest way to do this is to clone the old one: back up the DB; Back up the site; Create a new DB; restore the old DB to it; Restore the old site to the new location; Edit the /include/ost-config.php.  You can use the same DB user if you want.  Other wise you would want to create a new user also.

    Q: I imagine i have to copy some files of the current installation but which of them ?
    A: All of them.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Very welcome. :)  Would you like me to close this thread and mark it as resolved... or do you want to me to leave it open in case you run into any difficulty doing this?
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