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[resolved] OSticket 1.9.14 Daylight Savings time.



  • This morning I have googled all I can about this.  I even saw where in the PHP file the time zone needed to be in quotes, "America/Chicago".  I've tried that with no success either.  Something is wrong with the Observe Daylight savings check box.  This is the only thing I can think of.  Everything else is pointing to the correct time now. Checking or un-checking that box does nothing to the current time.  If I switch to eastern time then the current time is correct but we aren't in eastern timezone.  Id rather not have that be the fix, because it isn't a fix its a band-aid.
  • With Check box Checked:
    <input type="checkbox" name="daylight_saving" value="1" checked="checked"> == $0

     "               Observe daylight saving                " == $0

    With Check box not checked:
    <input type="checkbox" name="daylight_saving" value="1"> ==$0

    "                Observe daylight saving                " ==$0

    Them both equaling 0 cant be good right?
  • edited March 2017
    That's not the value of the checkbox. "==$0" tells you which DOM Node index that is. Here is a link to more information on DOM Node indexes
    I'm going to get someone else's eyes on this issue to help. This shouldn't be happening as I have v1.9.14 installed with same timezone settings as you and it's working.
  • In non-dev speak.  $0 is not necessarily a 0 value.  $0 is a pointer (think of it like a variable that points to something)
  • So, any other ideas?
  • So I have wiped the server, and reinstalled everything PHP, MySQL, IIS, and OS ticket.  All have central time or America/Chicago and the observer daylight saving checkbox does nothing.
  • I'm guessing the general concision is, "I don't know"?  Have I really stumped the great and mighty osTicket forum?
  • Awww you think we are great and mighty?? Thanks!!

    Kev the Dev is looking at it, so there isn't anything I can add to this. I personally signed the petition to get rid of Dalight Saving Time anyway.

    Work around could be setting the timezone to PST so at least until DST ends your times will be correct. Pick San Diego, I love it there. 
  • I have done something similar under "My Preferences".  I changed it to Eastern Time, but this is a band-aid fix. I figure when DST is over I will forget to change it back, I will be signing on and making a new post.  However a real fix sure would be appreciated. :)
  • Calendar reminder to change it back on Nov 5 :-)

  • What! and miss an opportunity to commune with the great and mighty osticket forums?  Pish posh.

  • This last response made me smile. :)
  • @CityofAlton, there is a new pull request on github that might help with this:
  • @blueyeguy I figured it out.  The PHP file has more than one place for the date.timezone.  I fixed the one under [Date] but there is another further down under [WebPIChanges]  Once i changed that time zone to America/Chicago the daylight savings time check box worked.  It was set to America/Tegucigalpa for some reason.

    @KevinTheJedi, here is the one thing missed.

    @notzier this ticket can be closed as solved!  Hope this helps others.
  • Thank you for all your help, oh mighty osticket forum masters.
  • @ntozier and @KevinTheJedi (aka Kev the Dev) are the masters, I'm just some random guy that came in off the street looking for the restroom, then just never left.

    Marking as resolved :-)

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