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[resolved] Unable to bulk import users

It seems to be a known issue in 1.10rc2 but hasent been fixed.

1.10 ostversion
php 5.6.8
mysql 5.6

Bulk import doesnt seem to work. i get the exact same error as the screenshot in the link.
to reproduce go to staffpanel -> Users -> Import -> import popup form -> enter data in copy paste section.


  • PS: What i imported was
    john wick,
    dexter morgan,

    the error i got was : john wick: Unable to map header to the object field
  • f*** me .
    I had a custom field mobileno which when accounted for works just fine.

    basically i had to, Tom Reagan, 0123456789, 2212123123,Testnote1 , Johnny Caspar, 0123456790, 1231231231,Testnote2

    My excuse: the placeholder is misleading :(
  • Hi,

    Good to hear it's solved (-:
  • Haha love the movie references. 
  • I guess I should close this and mark it resolved... but I did want to comment that I enjoyed the character names. :)
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