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Customer Reply Changes Status

Hi! I'm trying to find the settings to change a ticket's status when a customer replies to a ticket (via e-mail or online).  I have a status of "Waiting for Customer" so I know it's pending for the customer. When the customer adds to the ticket, I need the ticket to change to "Open" or "Pending" status again so I know the customer replied.

I'm not finding how to do this?  

Thank you in advance.


  • You don't.  This is not a feature in osTicket.

    However tickets that are awaiting a staff reply have the ticket number in bold.  
    Those that have already been replied to are not bold (and thus awaiting a response from the user)..
  • hmmm... okay. Bummer.  Can't do this somehow in ticket filters?
  • Nope.  Ticket filters on trigger on ticket open.
  • okay, thanks :(
  • Did you find a solution to work around with different Status like Waiting for Customer?
  • No. This is a standard feature in most ticket systems. Kind of surprised osTicket doesn't have it.
  • I am not sure which ticketing systems you are referring to because the ones I have worked with do not have that feature. If you are talking a paid ticketing service, then they may have everything under the sun in their ticketing system.
  • It appears osTicket already has the ability internally. If the ticket # turns bold, then it's just a matter of replies from customers changing the ticket status.  Yes, most were paid, but osTicket has 99% of the primary features of those systems -- other than this feature -- which is why I asked.
  • Set the state of your status Waiting for customer to closed and set the reopen status to any status that has the state open.
  • Interesting idea!

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