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Advanced ticket status and advanced SLA plans

Hi all,

Currently OSticket has a feature called "Custom Ticket statuses"
The feature sounds nice, but is pretty much useless due to the fact that you can only define the ticket state "Open" or "Closed"

It would be nice if a feature was implemented which would allow tickets to be put "on-hold" in such a way that the SLA timer is also paused.

Another feature would be good to have is more advanced SLA plans, such as to define when the timer will start to run (a possibility to non-work days such as, weekends and holidays)
Because right now the timer starts right after the ticket is created in real-time, even when there are non-working hours.

I read a few years ago that these features would be implemented, but that were posts from 3 a 4 years ago..


  • Advanced SLA's has already been suggested.

    As far as ticket statuses go... I don't think that I agree with you. All ticket statuses can easily be boiled down the open or closed archetype.
  • Hi ntozier,

    Thanks for your reply,

    At the current moment the custom ticket status feature is restricted to "open" or "closed" states and the functions implemented for those states.
    As said, it's impossible to make a status as of now which pauses the SLA timer.
    If you still think this idea is not a good one, i'll understand and i'll have a go at implementing it myself.

    Best regards,
  • Nah I'm saying that SLA needs to be revamped... not statuses.  SLA should be able to be tied to the actual status not just the top level status.

    Top level Status "Open" SLA is Foo.
    Custom status "Pending" [Customer Reply] SLA can be paused [top level would be open]
    Closed SLA is irrelevant.

    I think that I'm agreeing with you that its a good idea, but disagreeing that the statuses themselves need to be changed. :)
  • Hi ntozier,

    Putting it like that, i have the feeling you indeed understand what my intention for the idea is.
    Any idea if such a change / feature will be implemented in the next version?

    Best regards,
  • I hear that the next version is going to be 1.11.  I think that it will be released this quarter, but haven't had a confirmation on that yet (so its my speculation).

    I do not believe that will make it into 1.11, as I understand that most of the effort is currently focusing on the release after that. :)
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