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Re-assign Ticket

How to re-assign ticket for example I assign the ticket with the wrong agent?


  • Assuming you are running 1.10 (since you did not include any environment information), 

    If you mouse over the ticket number in your queue the resulting context pop up window has a reassign option right along the bottom 
  • Also ensure that your user has the rights to assign/transfer tickets....
  • Good catch @ntozier, I hadn't considered that since we give everyone the right to assign/transfer tickets.

    I noticed that clicking that just takes you into the ticket thread, and you still have to click the Assign button on the floating menu ribbon at the top, and you can only reassign tickets to someone that has access in the department the ticket is assigned.

  • Woah! jaw dropping solution base on what I already did! Grrr! Thank @ntozier 
  • I can't tell if your being serious or sarcastic.  I think that I appreciate either. :)
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