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is osTicket suitable for multi-tenant support environments?

Hello, I am new to osTicket.  Before I go through the trouble of a self-guided installation, I was wondering if osTicket is suitable in principle for a multi tenant environment.  In my scenario, agents would service multiple customers from a single platform.  Data isolation between customers is key, i.e. no customer must ever know about the existence of the other customers let alone have access to their tickets or even their usernames.  

I spent some time with RequestTracker, assuming (wrongly) that since its rights matrix was highly configurable, this should be no issue, but it turned out that RT is fundamentally not suitable for multi tenant environments.  Before I look deeper into osTicket, it would be good to know if there are any views on its multi-tenant capability

Any guidance or pointers much appreciated.


  • Users do not have access to other users data.
    Agents would have access to all users data.  So as long as you don't have to give any of the clients an agent account for any reason then yes you could do this.

    Side note any user regardless of what Organization they belong to would see the exact same interface.  This include knowledgebase articles.  I mention this because these are things that a lot of people have mentioned in the past when they talk about wanting to support multiple external companies.
  • Ok, so as I understand it, agents cannot be privilege segregated? For example, agent 1 can see data/tickets of client A and client B, but agent 2 should only see client A.  Is this not possible with osTicket?

  • If Client A and Client B are set up as separate Departments, then yes you can give agents access to only those departments they need access to and they will only see tickets for those departments.
  • They can see any ticket that they have access to (via department, assignment, team).
    They can see ALL USERS non-ticket specific data.
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