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Is it possible to send a Ticket ANONYMOUSLY?


  • No it is not, this is not a feature is osTicket.
  • Well you could make a fake email address some where and use that... but @Blueyeguy is correct.  Anonymous tickets are not a thing..  And really why would you want them to be?  You wouldn't be able to contact the User to get more information about the problem or troubleshoot with them or even tell them when it was fixed.
  • edited April 7
    Maybe he is meaning "unpersonal" like this setting: 

    .jipt-highlight .crowdin_jipt_untranslated{outline:3px #ff3d3d solid!important}.jipt-highlight .crowdin_jipt_translated{outline:3px #3d87ff solid!important}.jipt-highlight .crowdin_jipt_approved{outline:3px #6ac953 solid!important}.jipt-highlight .crowdin_jipt_hidden,.jipt-highlight .crowdin_jipt_not_found{outline:3px #999 solid!important}
  • I guess the question then:

    Is he talking about "sending a ticket" (which I read as submitting a ticket), 
    or is he talking about "replying to a ticket"

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