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Allow clients to view ticket replies without logging in

Currently when we send a reply to a user, the user gets just our reply in the email. They would want the full thread if this was possible but I don't believe it is with osticket.

It is beginning to be tricky for them not having the thread so they want to include a link to the client-facing ticket in the email the user gets. I have done that fine but as a user when i click the link, I am urged to either register or login.

Given the nature of their customer base and how unhelpful they can be, it is highly unlikely anyone will bother registering so this will force my customer to just not be able to have it this way.

Is there an option to allow a user to see the ticket response without having to login, a kind of guest access only with this everyone that gets a reply would be classed as a guest? 


  • Yes.  But they would still have to "log in" with their email and ticket #.
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